Super Lakitus are very angry Lakitus that only appear if time is runing out on a boss battle. They are very hard minions to minuver around, but there also very profitible. If you try to sell there glasses, you get 50 coins. If you try to sell there Chain Chomp, it's 2 rubies! It's very hard to get these mainly because you have to not only kill the Lakitu, but you also have to kill the boss!



He must have some musle on him!

Type: Koopa

Strengths: Super Strength, can fly

Weakness: The boss your fighting's weakness

How to kill: It all matters what boss is is. For example, if you fighting Ring Master Goomba, Super Lakitu's weakness would be Bomb-Ombs because thats his weakness.

Hight: (In Clown Kart): 8 feet; (With out Clown Kart): 4 feet

Weight: (In Clown Kart): 900 lbs.; (With out Clown Kart): 60 lbs.

Found: Boss battles