Ring Master Goomba is the fifth mini boss in Super Mario Bro. X. He is hard for being a goomba. He throws all types of goombas at you, plus other minions like Koopas and Shy Guys. If you sell his hat, you get 80 coins. He was going to be the final boss in the game.



The evil's in the inside.

Type: Goomba

Strangths: Leader of the Goombas

Weakness: He's a Goomba

How to kill: All you have to do is duck under all of his minions. Then stop on him two times. This is were it gets hard. He make three types of beriars, Goomba, Koopa, and Bomb-Omb. Distroy them and stop on his head.

Height: 2 feet

Weight: 30 lbs.