Dark Bowser is the evil version of Bowser. Er, I should say the MORE evil version. He is much more vile then Bowser. Mainly because he not only wants to take Peach, but rape her, kill her, kill Mario, and take over tha Earth! Did I mention he was evil. In SMBX, if you try to sell his shell, they will kick you out saying, "How dare you bring in something so fowl, so evil, so... dark!" But if you bring in his head, he will g
Dark Bowser 2

Blue is the new Dark!

ive you 10 coins. Odd.


Type: Koopa

Strangths: Much ore evil and stronger then Bowser

Weakness: His under belly

How to kill: When he laughs at you, Hit his face with a fire ball. This should get him on his back. Once he is, ground pound on his belly. Do this three more times and he is done.

Height: 8 feet

Weight: 9,000 tons! Talk about fat!